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Workplace Harassment CEs

These CE Courses address topics of Sexual Harassment, Workplace Violence and on the job Harassment. CEs are approved for Therapists, Nurses, Counselors, Social Workers, Psych Techs and more. Please check our CE Approvals page for more. 

Sexual Harassment, Prevention, and California Law

$5.00 | CE Hours:1.00 | Beginning | Access CE Course

Sexual Assault - Enhancing Sexual Assault Services

$15.00 | CE Hours:3.00 | Intermediate | Access CE Course

Preventing Sexual Violence - Evidence-Based Practices

$10.00 | CE Hours:2.00 | Intermediate | Access CE Course

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

$10.00 | CE Hours:2.00 | Intermediate | Access CE Course

Sexual Violence in the Military

$5.00 | CE Hours:1.00 | Intermediate | Access CE Course

Evidence and Action to Support LGBTQI+ Youth

$20.00 | CE Hours:4.00 | Beginning | Access CE Course

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