CE Corporate Plans

100 CE Hours

for $240.00

That's $2.40/CE

500 CE Hours

for $1100.00

That's $2.20/CE

1000 CE Hours

for $2000.00

That's $2.00/CE

These CE plans are for small to medium-sized organizations who want to ensure that their employees stay current with their credentials and licenses by offering them continuing education hours purchased by the company at reduced rates and to be able to manage the educational needs of their employees.

Please note: Our company does not accept checks. If a check is the only payment option available, there will be a $25 check processing fee added to the invoice. 

See the instructions below for setting up your company and employee accounts.

Sign Up for a Company CE Discount Plan - It's Easy!

Company Registration: 

Step 1: The Company needs to designate a company account administrator that will manage employees and the company account. 

Step 2:  Register for Account: On the registration page (https://www.quantumunitsed.com/ecomm-signup.php) choose from the drop down menu ‘company’ (not individual or employee) for ‘Account Type’.  The company account administrator registers a company contact email address where all certificates of completion will be emailed and where requests by employees to join the company account are sent. Employees can also be added from within the company account by the administrator. The account administrator will enter their email address (the email cannot be used on any other accounts). Any password can be used. 

Step 3: Purchase a Discount Plan: After registering successfully for the company account, the administrator will need to purchase one of the above plans. Purchases can be made online with a credit card or an invoice can be printed up by adding the plan to the shopping cart and choose from the drop down menu 'mail in a check'. Once the check is received in our office along with the printed invoice the company account will be immediately credited with CE hours.

Step 4: Registration and Notification of Employees: The administrator can register employees from within the company account under the 'Manage Employees' tab. Employees can also register themselves by requesting to be included as part of the company account (See below for Employee Self-Registration). The company will need to provide each Self-Registered Employee with the email so that the Employee can register. Testing does not occur within the company account. Employees test within their own account. This allows Quantum to maintain accurate educational records on each employee.

Step 5:  For Employees that Self-Register: The company administrator will approve or deny a registered employee via email after a link has been sent by our system. If you are not receiving our emails then please check the accuracy of the email address that was registered, as well, you can check your spam or junk mail folder. You can also approve self-registered employees directly from within the company account under the 'Manage Employees' tab.

Employee Self-Registration

Step 1:  If not registered by the company administrator, the Employee registers for a new account by choosing from the drop down menu the ‘employee’ option (not individual or company) for ‘Account Type’. Provide all employees with this link and this list of instructions (https://www.quantumunitsed.com/ecomm-signup.php).

Step 2: Employees will need the 'company email' (must be provided by the company account administrator). As well, the employee must add their own email (different from the company's) and their own private password during registration in order to log into their account later to take CE courses. 

Step 3: The company account administrator will receive an email notification when a new employee has registered using the company user name and is requesting to be connected to the company account. The company account administrator will 'approve' the employee by clicking the link within the email they have been sent. Or, approval may be granted from within the company account. After approval, the employee can log into their employee account using their email and password to begin taking courses and to test (https://www.quantumunitsed.com/ecomm-sign-in-form.php).

Certificates will become available immediately for downloading from within the employee and company account. Copies are also emailed to the employee.    

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The company administrator will have full access to all employee records; employees will have access to their own records from within their personal account but will not have access to any other employee records.

Questions on how to set up a Company Account? Contact us at support@quantumunitsed.com


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