Unlimited CEs

Unlimited CEs for 1 year for individual accounts (not available for company accounts) now only $74.95!  Choose from hundreds of online CEs within the one-year period. Your 1 year clock begins the date and time of your purchaseWe DO NOT 'auto' renew your CE plan. 

Or for a specific number of hours that never expire, try our 30 CE hour plan. A credit of hours on your account, always there until you use them up.

Small companies can also benefit from our 30 CE hour plan. Pay for CE hours for your employees and help them to renew their license or credential. 

Individual CE courses that have already purchased, can not be issued a refund in exchange for a discount plan. 

You may also check out our CE Bundle Packages for your more specific needs here: CE Bundles 

Unlimited CE Hours for 1 year

for $74.95

30 CE Hours

for $75.00

That's $2.50/CE

For Company or Group CE Rates please see our Group/Corporate Discount CE Plans

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