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CE Testimonials

"I have used it before and I have also used other online CEU sites. This one is by far the BEST!!!"
Rhonda (LPC, NCC, LCAS)

"Good content presented well. Had no trouble navigating. Tried ALLCEU's last license period and found the site extremely difficult to navigate. Yours is very easy!"
Linda (Professional Counselor)

"I was quite impressed with the contents of this course. The outlined objectives were consistent with the content which often is not always the case in some other online programs. I have used your website before and found that the courses offered from my licensure is excellent and easily accessible. I have recommeded your site to other colleagues for the outstanding prices and quality CEUs."
Scheyrle (Licensed Professional Counselor)

"QUE is my favorite CEU provider! The price per CEU is reasonable and the website is very user friendly. I recommend QUE often to my collegues."
Debra (Alcohol and Drug Counselor)

"I haven't been on this website for two years--I bought a package here 2 years ago. Tonight I was totally shocked at how easy it was to gain access, and find all the records and no problems, e.g. "your time has expired to use your credits." Very very pleased."
Linda (LMHC)

"I also would like to let you know that Quantum CEU's is the best, most affordable, user friendly CEU site that I have found and I use you guys every year !"

"All courses are based on cutting-edge government-approved best practices documents written by national and international authorities in their fields.  The exams are thorough, well-prepared and excellently written.  "
David (Ph.D., Clinic Director)

"I thought your course was GREAT!!!!!   I am an infectious disease nurse, HIV certified counselor, & methadone dosing nurse in a methadone maintenance treatment facility.  This course will help me immensly!! Thank you"
Kathy (RN)

"Great material and for once I don't feel like I have been taken to the cleaners. Thank You"
Patricia (Therapist)

"I appreciate the competency of your operation"
Joseph (MFT)

"Good Material. Excellent process for gaining accredited CEU's. I like the fact that I can keep the material to review and improve my skills with"
Denice (NCAC I & LISAC)

"A challenging course (Alcoholism: The Science Made Easy)  and worthwhile since it stayed very close to original sources and research. Learned much more than I could have in a lecture format"
Frank (PsyD)

"Great courses and they pertain to both my nursing license and case-management needs"
Dale (LPO)

"Your site is user friendly & that's not an easy task for me, technically  challenged. I also appreciate any extra effort you did to provide me  immediate access to this process. You and Carol have made this CEU dance bearable & fun. Good Job!"
Rev. Dawn (CADC III)

"Thank you for your excellent service. I will  recommend you widely and  continue to use your program"
Fred (PhD)

"The web site is not only easy to access but also to negotiate through the various options. Thank you! I also appreciate your holistic disposition. I have found a valuable resource!!"
Herman (LCSW)

"This is a great program, and a real life saver!"
Jennifer (LPC)

"This is my first experience with your website and coursework; I was so pleasantly surprised. I have paid for several online or mail in courses and the tests have been very poorly constructed with many questions poorly written and not answered in the course material. I am a certified Community College Instructor and have been surprised at the poor quality of said exams; this course I found to be excellent in that regard. Thank you."
Kelly (LISAC)

"Thank you so much. Your courses are far superior to many others I have taken. I will be a repeat customer."
Sharon (CATC)

"This was one of the best continuing education experiences I've ever had."
Kristy (Pre-Licensee)

"Amazing...best info available in ease of use format! You're doing great work!"
Charlene (CADC II)

"Well designed program with very detailed information."
Denise (LCSW - New York State Department of Education)

"I am a licensed psychologist in New York City. I have taken your CEU courses and find them very helpful in my work. The courses are of the highest quality of cutting edge substance abuse, HIV, ethics, and other areas of best practices treatment. Thank you very much and keep up the good work."
David (Ph.D.)

" Great Site with excellent accessibility. USER FRIENDLY! "
Rachel (Pre-Licensee)

" This program is wonderful!  It is succinct and easy to use.  In a world where time precious, this program provides top-quality instruction at a good price and in a timely manner. "
Kim (Marriage and Family Therapist/Mental Health Counselor)

" Your program runs like a smooth oiled machine. "
Carl (Pre-Licensee)

" I found the program very easy to use and feel energized by the review of this topic. The writing style is straightforward and clear and I have specific ideas and questions to follow up on in my own work. "
Bill (Licensed Professional Counselor)

"Very Good process, I have taken several online courses and found your the most efficient and easy to understand."
Joseph (Social Worker)

"I am very impressed with the quality of service and reasonable prices per ceu credits. I will continue to use these courses for next years ceu requirements"
Joyce (Licensed Professional Counselor)

" Congratulations on a really user friendly and quality service."
Terry (CADC)

"I really appreciate how you offer discount CEU packages.  I have referred friends and colleagues to your site.  Thank you !"
Judy (CADC II)

"I have taken several online courses, and this company by far provides the most relevant and reader friendly information that I have found thus far."
Jennifer (LPC)

"This was a GREAT course!  I am learning more through online education than I ever have in a classroom setting"
Jody (Licensed Professional Counselor)

"Great course and better information than many brick and mortar courses. Great!!"
Daniel (LPC)

"Best value and outstanding curriculum!"
Gwen (IMF)

"It is nice to find a continuing ed company that specializes in addiction/mental health, co-occurring disorders. We have a need for staff training that this will also fulfill."
Ruby (Marriage and Family Therapist)

"Courses are easy to follow and quality is the best!!!"
Martha (AOD Counselor)

"Invaluable resources that I will use in my private practice."
Ann (MFT)

"After searching for the best and most affordable CEU on-line courses, Quantum has my vote for number one."
Greg (Therapist)

rashelle (social worker)

"Your website is very easy to navigate"
Daylyn (ASW)

"This is the best CEU website out there."
Ryan (Social Worker)

"Keep doing what you're doing.  Keep adding new courses so I can keep coming back year after year.  Your courses are the best and your website is the most accessible.  Thanks!"
Suzanne (CATC)

"This was an awesome experience -much better than courses I took through the mail that had questions which were not even addressed in the book.  I will recommend this site to all of my co-workers.  Thank you!"
Daine (MFT)

"Web site format is wonderful, easy to follow and use"
Kim (LCSW)

"Excellent concise, program. Thank you very much. I would not change anything."
Barb (RN)

"Excellent materials!"
Mira (NCC)

"The literature was informative and useful in my daily practice as a medical social worker."
Teri (Social Worker)

"I am licensed in the US but live in the UK. Your program allows me to maintain my licensure required ceu's. The courses are well thought, well put together, applicable. I recommend them to others all the time!"
Cathy (LPC)

"QUE is becoming widely known through word of mouth in the field of chemical dependency."
Jennifer (LCDC)

"You all really have your act together. Courses are so organized and readable and explain material so well, material that is very useful for substance abuse and licensed professional counselors.  Thank you for this excellent tool!"
Linda (LPC)

"The material on this website is wonderful....This is the best information that I have come across in my 5 years as a certified addiction specialist...thank you"
Pat (CAS)

"I looked at several different sites before I found yours. Your questions made sense, were more relevant than other sites I sampled."
Linda ()

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