E-Book CE Courses

3 Easy Steps

With our E-book courses it will be necessary to purchase a separate book in order to complete the course. This cost is in addition to the cost of our course. However, if you have purchased an unlimited plan, the plan pays for the hours of the course and ce certificate, but not the book which you will still need to purchase for these courses. 

See our List of E-book CE Courses here.

Instructions for Completing an E-book course:

STEP 1: Print the CE Exam. This is a duplicate of the official electronic test.

STEP 2: Buy E-book. Purchase a copy of the e-book on Amazon or another ebook retailer if you have a different e-reader. Amazon provides a free app for reading e-books on your PC, tablet, in the cloud on their servers or smartphone device. Download their e-book reader app from here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1000493771. You will need an amazon.com account in order to access and download their readers. Read your e-book while answering the questions from Step 1 above.

STEP 3: Take the CE Electronic Exam. You'll be asked to register for an account if you do not have one or log into your existing account. Enter your answers from the worksheet in Step 1. Complete the evaluation at the bottom (evaluations are required for each course taken). Press 'Grade and Submit' at the bottom. 70% is passing - you will have 6 chances to pass each online exam.

Your correct and incorrect answers will be immediately displayed on the next page. There will be a link that allows you to pay for your certificate. If you choose to wait, your exam will be stored within your account up to 60 days for future payment. This allows you to take several courses over time and submit payment all at once.

Questions? Contact us by clicking the green Support tab at the bottom of any page on our website. Or, visit our extensive Knowledgebase for answers. 

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