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All CE Courses and Exams are Free. You only pay if you want a CE Certificate. 

CE Support: Need Help? Quantum offers superior customer CE support. Click the green chat icon in the lower left-hand side of any page on our site. Or, use this link: CE Support. You will also find our extensive knowledgebase (with visual examples) contains answers to many questions. Or you can call support at 1.877.665.3311. 

Step by Step CE Instructions

STEP 1: Check CE Approval Please ensure our courses will be accepted by your state board. See our state by state approvals list here. For National Certifications see our National Board CE Approval list. 

STEP 2: Find a CE Course  Choose a course from our library of over 300 CE courses. Once you locate a course you're interested in, click the blue link under the title 'Access CE Course'. After registering for an account, you can also 'bookmark' courses you are interested in taking and they will be saved to your account under 'Saved CEs' for later. 

STEP 3:  Read the CE Course Material Read the material online or download a PDF version to your computer and read offline. 

STEP 4: Take the CE Exam

A. Sign into an existing account or Register for a new account in order to have our system grade and save your exams and issue a final CE Certificate.

B. Return to the original CE course page for final testing. 

C. Click the orange 'take test' button to begin. For longer exams we recommend you periodically scroll to the bottom of the exam and click 'save exam' so you don't lose your answers. Saved exams can be found in your account for later retrieval and completion.

D. Press the 'Grade Exam' button at the bottom of the page when you are done. 70% or higher is passing. you have 6 chances to pass. For security reasons, our system will not store exam answers for later retrieval, though your final grade is stored. If you wish to save your final answers, you must print the test immediately after your grade is displayed. 

CE Certificates for Passing Exams are emailed immediately after passing and paying for your certificate.
  Copies of all CE Certificates are stored indefinitely in your account for later retrieval.  

Grading & Retesting: Our system will not display the correct answers to questions that were marked as incorrect. Incorrect answers are 'marked in red' and can be easily changed if you decide to retest. Correct answers are displayed in green. You have 6 chances to pass. **Be advised that all passing exams are automatically stored within your account under the unpaid CEs tab. You can delete duplicate exams easily.

You will be prompted to submit payment after achieving a passing grade. Or, you may take another CE exam and submit payment when you have completed all of your CEs. All 'unpaid CE exams' are stored in your account under the 'Unpaid CEs' tab up to 60 days at which time they will be deleted. You can delete any duplicated exams from here prior to paying. 

Questions regarding your course? Chat with a live representative Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm PST by clicking the LiveChat link in the bottom left-hand corner of any page on our site. After hours email us at, or call us toll-free 1.877.665.3311.

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