State CE Approvals

Please Read These Guidelines Regarding CE Approval

Our CE approval list is in the drop-down menu below. Choose your state to see if we have CE 'specific board approval' which will show our CE approval # next to your state board or 'CE approval by virtue of another state board'. If the CE approval lists another state board, this board will be on your CE Certificate and will be recognized by your own state board.

Some boards approve ONLY 'certain courses' for CE's. If this is the case with your board, you will see a link to a category of approved CE courses that are specifically approved by your board. Follow this link for your CE approved specific courses.

Need Support? Contact us with your CE questions. Quantum provides Superior Customer CE Support.

Or, see our FAQ page for answers to questions regarding CE refunds, how to take a CE course, CE certificates, grievances, and our ADA Policy.

Step 1: Select State/Region

Step 2: View Approvals

State/Region Approvals

** Due to the Large Volume of State Licensing Agencies and the frequent changes these agencies make to their Rules and Regulations surrounding License Renewal and CE acceptance, if you do not see your license or credential listed we advise you to call your state licensing board and inquire 'if they will accept courses offered by a CE Provider that has been pre-approved by' one of the National or Major State 'Related' Agencies listed on our National's Page. In our experience many states will accept CE's approved by another state or national board.

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