Understanding and Implementing Residents Rights

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CEU Course Description

Residents of health care facilities have specific rights protected by law. Health care professionals should be aware of the importance of residents' rights, and specific residents' rights. This course will provide insight into the importance of residents' rights, while highlighting the specific rights of residents. Additionally, this course will review recommendations that may be used to uphold residents' rights, and optimize resident care.   

Author: Marc R. Macera, PharmD

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CEU Course Objectives

  1. Discover the importance of residents' rights, while obtaining insight into resident abuse. 
  2. Identify recommendations that may be used to uphold residents' rights.
  3. Recognize residents' rights, requirements, regulations, and laws included in Title 42 Part 483.

CE Outline with Main Points

  1. Introduction
  2. Section 1: Resident Abuse
  3. Section 1: Summary
  4. Section 1: Key Concepts
  5. Section 1: Key Terms
  6. Section 1: Personal Reflection Question
  7. Section 2: Residents' Rights Recommendations
  8. Section 2: Summary
  9. Section 2: Key Concepts
  10. Section 2: Key Terms
  11. Section 2: Personal Reflection Question
  12. Section 3: Title 42 Part 483
  13. Section 3: Summary
  14. Section 3: Key Concepts
  15. Section 3: Key Terms
  16. Section 3: Personal Reflection Question
  17. Conclusion
  18. References

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