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You WILL NOT pay for your course until 'after' you have completed and 'passed' your online exam. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to register for one when you are ready to take the online test. An account allows us to insert your name and license number onto your certificate and email it to you and store copies that are accessible at any time in the future. We have several 'how-to' videos and you will find further answers to your questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page located here:

How to Take a Video CE Course

Print the Exam This is a duplicate of the official electronic test.

 View all Videos listed on the course page. If your video does not appear, be sure to check for/turn off any popup blockers you may be using.

Recommended Web Browers: We recommend that you download and install an update to the browser that you are using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) in order to participate efficiently in the online learning process.

Take the Electronic Exam You'll be asked to register for an account if you do not have one or log into your existing account. Enter your answers from the worksheet in Step 1. Press 'Grade and Submit' at the bottom. 70% is passing and you will have 6 chances to pass each online exam. Your correct and incorrect answers will be displayed on the next page. There will be a link that allows you to pay for your certificate. If you choose not to pay at this time, your exam will be stored within your account for up to 60 days for future payment under the 'unpaid ceus' tab of your account. This allows you to take several courses over time and submit payment all at once.

CE Policies:

Grading & Retesting:
Our system will not display the correct answers to questions that were marked as incorrect. Our system will retain all of your answers. Incorrect answers are 'marked in red' and you can be easily changed if you decide to retest. Correct answers are displayed in green. You have 6 chances to pass. **Be advised that all passing exams are automatically stored within your account under the unpaid ceus tab.

You will be prompted to submit payment after achieving a passing grade. Or, you may take another exam and submit payment when you have completed all of your CEs. All 'unpaid exams' are stored in your account under the 'Unpaid CEs' tab up to 60 days at which time they will be deleted.

Your Certificate:
Once payment has been received you will be taken to your 'certificates' account window where you can download and print your certificate. The date on all certificates will bear the date you take and pass your online exam - Pacific Standard Time (PST). You can add 'multiple' licenses and credentials to your certificate from the 'licenses' tab of your account. A copy of your ceu certificate will be automatically emailed to you if you have an email address on file. If you have difficulty downloading and printing your certificate - within your certificates window' - you will see a link that allows you to request a copy be mailed or faxed. All Certificates bear the term 'contact hours' as is required by your licensing board and not CEs or Units.

CE Hours
: CE hours for our courses, hours that will be printed on your certificate, are calculated based on the National standard established by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC): 1 CE hour for every 4,000 words read. In addition we write 3 - 5 exam questions per CE hour (depending on the complexity of the material).

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