Analyzing Drugs of Abuse: Overview, Treatment, and Prevention

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CEU Course Description

Substance misuse is a major public health challenge. Millions of people in the United States are using illicit drugs, misusing prescription drugs, and participating in binge drinking or have other issues with alcohol misuse. Not only is the annual economic impact of substance misuse in the billions of dollars, drug overdoses, both fatal and nonfatal, continue to impact communities nationwide. Providing drug education and prevention resources and services designed to reach targeted populations and address particular problems and needs is critical. Behavioral health providers need to be able to differentiate between drug abuse, dependence, and addiction and understand the abuse potential of numerous substances. Providers need to have an understanding of the harms and consequences of drug use, a drug’s effects on the body and mind, overdose potential, origin, legal status, and other necessary facts on drugs of choice in their communities for them to be able to provide effective substance misuse treatment and prevention. 

Author: Kimberly H. Fortin, LCSW-R

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CEU Course Objectives

  1. Differentiate between drug abuse, dependence, and addiction. 
  2. Explore drug classifications, including their mechanism of action, physical and psychological effects, risks and side effects, and withdrawal process. 
  3. Examine types and modalities of treatment for substance abuse. 
  4. Identify risk and protective factors for drug abuse and how these impact prevention programs.

CE Outline with Main Points

  1. Introduction
  2. Substance Use Disorders
  3. Addiction 
  4. Drug Classification
  5. Treatment for Substance Abuse
  6. Prevention of Drug Abuse
  7. Risk Factors of Drug Abuse
  8. Protective Factors Against Drug Abuse
  9. Conclusion
  10. References

Course Level: Introductory

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