Comprehensive Infection Control

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CE Course Description

Healthcare-associated infections are an important cause of morbidity and mortality among hospitalized patients worldwide.  This CE course explains how to improve personnel safety in the healthcare environment through appropriate use of personal protective equipment and how to reduce healthcare-associated infections by improving hand hygiene practices.

Author:  Guidance for the Selection and Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Healthcare Settings.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

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CE Course Objectives

1.  Demonstrate which behavior demonstrates competence of hand hygiene.

2.  List three major components to healthcare worker safety programs.

3.  Explain when handwashing, in contrast to using alcohol-based rubs, is required.

4.  Name which microorganisms alcohol-based hand rubs rapidly reduce.

5.  Identify which type of respirator would be worn by personnel entering the room of a patient with infectious tuberculosis.

6.  Provide the correct sequence for donning PPE.


CE Outline with Main Points

1.  PPE Use in Healthcare Setting: Program Goal

2.  Regulations and Recommendations for PPE

3.  Types of PPE Used in Healthcare Settings

4.  Do's and Don'ts

5.  The Case for Improving Hand Hygiene and Use of Gloves among Health Care Workers

6.  The Potential Impact of Improving Hand Hygiene

7.  The Hand Hygiene Intervention Package

a.  Clinical staff, including new hires and trainees, understand key elements of hand hygiene practice (demonstrate knowledge)

b.  Clinical staff, including new hires and trainees, use appropriate technique when cleaning their hands (demonstrate competency)

c.  Alcohol-based hand rub and gloves are available at the point of care (enable staff)

d.  Hand hygiene is performed and gloves are used appropriately as recommended by CDC's Standard Precautions (verify competency, monitor compliance, and provide feedback)

8.  How to Begin Improvement in Your Organization

a.  Forming the Team

b.  Setting Aims

c.  Using the Model for Improvement

d.  First Test of Change

e.  Measurement

9.  Barriers That May Be Encountered



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