Workplace Impairment of the Healthcare Professional

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CE Course Description

Even the most skilled, responsible, and dedicated healthcare worker is susceptible to substance abuse.  This CE course looks at the policies and standards in place by very reputable cooperatives such as the American Medical Association and The Joint Commission.  Common signs and symptoms of substance abuse, along with the steps of reporting said abuse are also discussed.

Author:  LaGuire, T.  (2018, August).  Quantum Units Education.

Copyright: Quantum Units Education.  August 2018.

CE Course Objectives

1.  List three situations in which a healthcare professional needs to be removed immediately from the workplace.

2.  Explain three ethical obligations a healthcare professional has in order to protect patient interests and ensure that their colleagues receive appropriate care and assistance.

3.  Evaluate two reasons why healthcare workers abuse drugs or alcohol.

4.  Conclude what is often the first indication of impairment.

5.  Identify which substance healthcare professionals demonstrate significantly higher levels of abuse when compared to the general population.

6.  Describe the employer’s responsibility to accommodated medical marijuana use under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.


CE Outline with Main Points 

1.  American Medical Association Policies

2.  The Joint Commission Standards

3.  Background of Workplace Impairment

4.  Signs and Symptoms of Workplace Impairment

5.  Where Marijuana is Legal

6.  Steps for Reporting an Impaired Co-Worker

7.  Hypothetical Case Highlighting Legal and Ethical Issues

8.  Impairment Policy



ACE credit is not offered for this course. A list of courses offering ACE credit can be found here.


CAADE Approval

This course is CAADE approved.


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