Managing Occupational Exposures to HIV

$9.00 | CEU Hours:3.00 | Intermediate

*This course is not approved for NBCC renewal. Please see our NBCC category of courses here.

CEU Course Description

This course was developed from the U.S. Public Health Service Working Group report which updates U.S. Public Health Service recommendations for the management of health-care personnel (HCP) who have occupational exposure to blood and/or other body fluids that might contain human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). To ensure timely post-exposure management and administration of HIV PEP, clinicians should consider occupational exposures as urgent medical concerns, and institutions should take steps to ensure that staff are aware of both the importance of, and the institutional mechanisms available for, reporting and seeking care for such exposures.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Define who qualifies as health-care personnel.

2.  Review which bodily fluids are considered infection and which are not.

3.  Become familiar with which antiretroviral drugs HIV-exposed personnel should receive and for the length of time they are recommended to be on them.

4.  Appreciate the ramifications of taking antiretrovirals while pregnant or lactating.

5.  Enumerate when follow-up testing is recommended for HIV-exposed HCP.

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