Cancer Research Updates

$15.00 | CEU Hours:5.00 | Intermediate

*This course is not approved for NBCC renewal. Please see our NBCC category of courses here.

CEU Course Description

This course was developed from the Center for Cancer Research publication which highlights several examples of how the NIH Clinical Center specializing in studying and treating rare diseases - cancers among them - have the unique capabilities to bring in and treat a critical mass of patients with cancers that might otherwise be seen only sporadically in more regional facilities, and how this capacity is paying off for understudied cancers.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Review the different drugs used in cancer treatment and their method of action.

2.  Become familiar with the DNA modifications that take place in tumor cells.

3.  Be able to describe cancer cells' preferred metabolic pathway for energy.

4.  Appreciate how peptides can be used in anything from bioadhesives to killing microbes.

5.  Describe how myc is involved in transcriptional regulation.

6.  Identify what treatments are working best for bladder cancer.

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