Neuroscience and Novel Therapeutics for Mental Illness

$3.00 | CE Hours:1.00 | Intermediate

CEU Course Description

This course focuses on the neuroscience and psychiatry of translating neural circuits into novel therapeutics, in addition to the understanding and treatment of fear/safety, anxiety, and anxiety disorders.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Discuss the best predictor of functional outcomes of schizophrenia.
2.  Explain how a patient with schizophrenia will perform on a working memory task compared to a normal control and how this correlates to gamma synchrony in the prefrontal cortex.
3.  Investigate the symptoms that exist when an anxiety disorder is present.
4.  Identify the area of the brain that is central to the fear response and how animal models were involved in determining this.
5.  Examine how people with post-traumatic stress disorder respond to safety signals when compared to healthy controls and how this response carries over to real world events in their life.
6.  Describe how D-cycloserine indirectly activates a known molecule to play a role in fear learning and fear extinction and how this can prove useful for those with PTSD.

Date Added: 2014-07-02

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