Disaster and Trauma Psychological Recovery Skills for Social Workers

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CE Course Description

Individuals affected by a disaster or traumatic incident, whether survivors, witnesses, or responders to such events, may struggle with or face new challenges in the weeks and months following the event.  This CE course is designed to help survivors gain skills to reduce ongoing distress and effectively cope with post-disaster stresses and adversities.

Author:  Berkowitz, S., Bryant, R., Brymer, M., Hamblen, J., Jacobs, A., Layne, C., Macy, R., Osofsky, H., Pynoos, R., Ruzek, J., Steinberg, A., Vernberg, E., & Watson, P.  (2010).  The National Center for PTSD & the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.  Skills for Psychological Recovery: Field Operations Guide.

Retrieved from:  https://www.ptsd.va.gov/professional/treat/type/skills_psych_recovery_manual.asp


CE Course Objectives

1.  Explain what the social worker should do in order to respond to survivors in a compassionate and helpful manner.

2.  List three survivors that should immediately be referred.

3.  Evaluate the crucial first steps in using SPR with survivors.

4.  Summarize the steps that should be used to prevent setbacks.

5.  Identify the number of contacts that should be scheduled if an individual identifies a significant problem.

6.  Describe the guidelines for clarifying problem areas with empathy.


CE Outline with Main Points

1.  Delivery Considerations

2.  Core Skills

a.  Gathering Information and Prioritizing Assistance

b.  Building Problem-Solving Skills

c.  Promoting Positive Activities

d.  Managing Reactions

e.  Promoting Helpful Thinking

f.  Rebuilding Healthy Social Connections



Date Added: 2017-12-28

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