Developmental Disabilities and Deinstitutionalization

$21.00 | CE Hours:7.00 | Intermediate

Approved by Oregon DHS for AMH, APD and DD

CEU Course Description

This course discusses the lessons learned regarding how to close large institutions and focuses on the movement to smaller community living setting that meet NCD’s new definition.  The course examines some of the factors that advocates and self-advocates believe are important in defining “community living” and looks at how quality of life in the community can be and is being measured.  This course also identifies the most effective approaches and supports to help people with ID/DD transition from institutional settings of all sizes.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Discuss what research has demonstrated in relation to people with ID/DD and their outcomes in the community setting vs. when institutionalized.

2.  Enumerate what Congress found the Nation’s proper goals are regarding individuals with disabilities.

3.  Explain the type of discrimination that unjustified isolation is properly regarded as.

4.  Investigate the Olmstead case in regards to the conditions that must be met for a decision of community placement.

5.  Identify what heavily influences the movement from institutions to community settings.

6.  Describe the goal of deinstitutionalization.

7.  Elucidate the benefits of community living compared with living in an institution.

8.  Examine the reasons why the cost-effectiveness of community-based care is possible.

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