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TIP: You WILL NOT pay for your CEU course until 'after' you have completed and 'passed' your online CEU exam. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to register for one when you are ready to take the electronic exam. CEU courses on our site are approved for Licensed Professional Counselors, Substance Abuse Counselors. LMFT's, Therapists, Social Work, Nursing, Psych Techs, Nursing Assistants, Assisted Living Personnel and Psychologists.

Licensing and credentialing board reguations require that for every 1 CEU hour earned a participant must:
1) Live Event - be in the seat for 1 hour 2) Video format - be of 1 hour in length 3) Reading format - ( e-book, online or hard book) must read 5,000 words for every 1 CEU hr.

Instructions for Taking an Online CEU Course

Print the CEU Exam: This is a duplicate of the official CEU electronic test. A link at the top of the printed page will return you to the original CEU course page. Enter this url into your browser to return to your course page for completion.

 Read the CEU Course Material: Read the material online through our SmartLook Viewer or Download a PDF version to your computer. Enter your answers on the Exam Sheet from Step 1. If you need help with the SmartLook Viewer - enlarging the fonts, printing the entire document at once, etc - we have videos located on our How It Works page. We encourage you to check them out before beginning.

Recommended Web Browers: We recommend that you download and install an update to the browser that you are using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) in order to participate efficiently in the online learning process.

Take the CEU Electronic Exam<:
Using the URL/Link at the top of the printed CEU exam return to the CEU course page for testing.

Sign in or Register for an account.

C. Enter your answers from the printed CE exam into the electronic exam, complete the evaluation at the bottom and check the box to attest that you have read the CE course material. You may also now 'save' your exam to complete at a later date. Saved exams are found in your account under the tab 'Exams in Progress'.

When ready press the 'Grade and Submit' button at the bottom of the page. Your grade will be displayed along with instructions to pay for your CE Certificate. You will see a link to 'print' your final exam page if you wish. Once you leave this page you will no longer have this option to print your exam. For security reasons our system will not store your results for retrieval later.

70% is passing - you will have 6 chances to pass each online CEU exam. Your correct and incorrect answers will be immediately displayed on the next page. If you passed, there will be a link that allows you to pay for your CEU certificate. If you choose to PAY LATER your exam will be stored within your account up to 60 days for future payment. This allows you to take several CEU courses over time and submit payment all at once.

Certificates are automatically emailed to the email address on file after payment has been received. Please ensure you have properly entered your correct email address. If you don't find your certificates in your inbox then check your spam or junk mail folder. We also recommend that you add our email to your address book so that they are not blocked by your spam filter:

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CEU Policy

Grading & Retesting:
Our system will not display the correct answers to questions that were marked as incorrect. Our system will retain all of your answers. Incorrect answers are 'marked in red' and can be easily changed if you decide to retest. Correct answers are displayed in green. You have 6 chances to pass. **Be advised that all passing exams are automatically stored within your account under the unpaid ceus tab.

You will be prompted to submit payment after achieving a passing grade. Or, you may take another CE exam and submit payment when you have completed all of your CEUs. All 'unpaid CE exams' are stored in your account under the 'Unpaid CEUs' tab up to 60 days at which time they will be deleted.

Your CE Certificate:
Once payment has been received you will be taken to your 'certificates' account window where you can download and print your certificate. The date on all certificates will bear the date you take and pass your online exam - Pacific Standard Time (PST). You can add 'multiple' licenses and credentials to your certificate from the 'licenses' tab of your account. A copy of your ceu certificate will be automatically emailed to you if you have an email address on file. If you have difficulty downloading and printing your certificate - within your certificates window' - you will see a link that allows you to request a copy be mailed or faxed. All Certificates bear the term 'contact hours' as is required by your licensing board and not CEUs or Units.
CEU Hours
: Licensing and credentialing board reguations require that for every 1 CE hour earned a participant must: 1) Live Event - be in the seat for 1 hour 2) Video format - be of 1 hour in length 3) Reading format - ( e-book, online or hard book) must read 4,000 - 5,000 words for every 1 CE hr.

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