Unlimited CEUs

Plans must be purchased in advance and prior to taking courses. Refunds are not issued for courses taken before the purchase of a plan. 

Unlimited CEUs
for 1 year - $95 (Not Available to Company Accounts). Take any of our Online CEUs within the one-year period. We DO NOT 'auto' renew your plan. The clock runs out on these plans from the actual time and date you make the initial purchase. Refunds on individual courses can not be made in exchange for a discount plan. 

30 CE hour plan - no time limits on using the 30 CE hrs. They do not expire. Your account will be credited with the 30 CE hrs and as you complete each exam, the hours for that course will be automatically deducted from your plan. You can purchase 2 or 3 plans at a time if you need more hours than the 30 CEs.

You may also check out our CE Bundle Packages for your more specific needs here: CEU Bundles 

For Company or Group CEU Rates please see our Group/Corporate Discount CEU Plans

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