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Scabies Protocol in Prison Populations

Causative Agent

1. In a healthy patient, the mite can survive up to 7 days off the host.  In contrast, mites in crusted scabies can survive up to 3 days off the host.

A. True

B. False

Clinical Presentation

2. The usual crusted scabies patient is bedridden or with severe disability or immunosuppression.

A. True

B. False


3. The rendering of a presumptive scabies diagnosis is often based on all of the following, except for:

A. Clinical suspicion

B. Skin biopsy

C. Response to treatment

D. Severe pruritus

Infectious Period

4. Scabies remains communicable until all mites and eggs are eradicated from the host, and in the absence of treatment, individuals can remain infectious for prolonged periods.

A. True

B. False


5. What is the first-line treatment for typical scabies in the BOP?

A. Oral ivermectin

B. Topical permethrin 5% cream

C. Both (A) and (B) should be used simultaneously

D. None of the above

Contact Investigation

6. In the case of typical scabies, a close contact is:

A. Any individual who has had skin-to-skin contact

B. Cellmates

C. Those with potential exposure to the inmate’s clothing, linens, or towels

D. All of the above

7. A scabies outbreak suggests that transmission has been occurring within the institution for several weeks to months - thereby increasing the likelihood that infested inmates may have had time to spread scabies elsewhere in the facility and to other facilities.

A. True

B. False


8. Which of the following should be reported utilizing the BP-A0664, Infectious Disease / Outbreak Report?

A. Two or more epidemiologically linked cases of scabies

B. An unusual number of cases

C. Any case of crusted scabies

D. All of the above

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