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Prevention of Child Abuse and Exploitation

National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children

1. The National Plan pays special attention to primary prevention and positive youth development - actions that take place before child sexual abuse or exploitation has been perpetrated - in order to do which of the following?

A. Decrease the risk of future perpetration of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

B. Increase the engagement of effective bystander actions that can aid in the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

C. Challenge media messages that normalize and promote children as sexual objects.

D. All of the above.

Why now?

2. Although there has been increased attention to victim services, investigation, prosecution, and incarceration, there is a need for all sectors of society to demonstrate an increased commitment to, and investment in, the primary prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

A. True

B. False

3. Child sexual abuse can involve a wide number of psychological impacts, including all of the following, except:

A. Low self-esteem

B. Post-traumatic stress disorder

C. Anxiety

D. Depression

4. Individuals who have been sexually victimized are more likely to:

A. Have multiple sexual partners

B. Become pregnant as teenagers

C. Experience sexual assaults as adults

D. All of the above

5. Youth living on the streets for longer than 3 days are at greater risk of resorting to or being coerced into “survival sex.”

A. True

B. False

6. In nearly 80% of pornographic images, the children are sexually abused and further exploited by someone they know and trust.

A. True

B. False

7. The American Psychological Association concludes that exposure to sexualized images, lyrics, fashion, role models, and other influences make girls think of and treat their own bodies as sexual objects, and links sexualization with all of the following, except:

A. Anxiety

B. Eating disorders

C. Low self-esteem

D. Depression or depressed moods

The significance of a National Plan

8. As a public health problem, child sexual abuse and exploitation is not a problem that can, or should, be addressed only through the criminal justice sanctions or social services intervention after an offense has happened.

A. True

B. False

How we can accomplish the goals of prevention: Six action areas

9. Steps to end the demand include all of the following, except:

A. Educate the general public and professionals in the field about the demand for the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, and help them see the powerful role prevention can play in countering demand and lessening the normalization of sexual harm.

B. Partner with more business, civic, and community leaders who are willing to hold businesses that promote or profit from the sexual abuse and exploitation of children accountable for their actions.

C. Advocate for more research to advance the understanding of the problem and effective prevention practices.

D. Support efforts to engage boys and men in reaching out to and educating other males in prevention.

Actions to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation: What You Can Do In Your Community

10. It should be encouraged that all organizations serving children and youth incorporate trainings about child sexual abuse and exploitation, and its prevention, into ongoing, regular in-service education for:

A. All staff

B. Volunteers

C. Older youth who supervise younger children

D. All of the above

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