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Long Term Care Resident Rights

Resident Signing Admission Documents

1. When a resident’s competence is questionable, as determined by the facility’s assessment, it is acceptable for the facility to request signatures from both ____.

A. The physician

B. The resident

C. The responsible party

D. A and B above

E. B and C above

Resident Choice of Dress

2. A facility may be cited if a resident chooses to be dressed in pajamas rather than street clothes.

A. True

B. False

Placing Medication in Food

3. Which of the following statements regarding administering medications is NOT true according to this paper?

A. Medications may be mixed with liquids and/or food if the resident refuses to take the medication orally.

B. The nurse needs to be aware of possible food/drug interactions or a listing/resource should be consulted before mixing medications with food.

C. A physician's order to mix with liquid or food is not necessary.

D. The resident’s responsible party does not need to be made aware of the facility’s intervention.

Awakening Residents During the Night for Routine Bathing

4. Under what conditions is it permissible for night shift staff to awaken residents for routine bathing during the night (not including residents who have requested night bathing or those who cannot sleep and staff have determined bathing might promote it)?

A. Only when the resident consistently refuses to be bathed during the day.

B. Only when day shift staff have been too busy to bathe residents.

C. Under no conditions.

Written Receipt Requirement

5. When the representative of a disoriented resident fails to return a signed receipt documenting he/she has received written information of services and charges, what should the facility do?

A. Document in the resident's file that the facility notified resident and/or legal representative.

B. Get a signature from the disoriented patient documenting receipt of the services and charges information until the responsible party can be contacted.

C. Send another copy, preferablyby certified mail. Documentation should then be made in the resident's chart as the continuing status of the requests.

Statement of Resident Rights Taken Directly From Regulations or Paraphrasing

6. There is no requirement that facilities give residents an exact verbatim copy of all resident rights in the same language used in the regulations.

A. True

B. False

Resident’s Right to Refuse Therapeutic Diet

7. When a resident refuses any form of treatment, including a therapeutic diet, the facility should clearly document _____________.

A. The refusal to reflect the resident's choice

B. Discussion and education regarding the risks of refusing prescribed treatment

C. The exploration of alternative therapies

D. All of the above

E. A and B above

Disruption to Other Residents When One Patient is Constantly Yelling

8. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. The yelling resident’s rights should be balanced against the rights of other residents to peaceful living conditions.

B. If an assessment has been completed, and all possible ways of dealing with a disruptive resident have been exhausted, it may be necessary to transfer or discharge the resident.

C. Thorough documentation in the disruptive resident's medical record of the results of assessment, interventions, etc. is essential.

D. All of the above statements are correct.

Personal Care While Patients Are With Transport Services

9. A facility can be cited for issues involving personal care while a resident is being transported by a privately contracted transport service.

A. True

B. False

Legal Surrogate Decision-Maker For Cognitively Impaired Resident

10. Procedures for Natural Death in the Absence of a Declaration (§ 90-322) indicates a sequence of family surrogate authority. In other health conditions, the law is not specific. In such instances this bulletin recommends facilities _____.

A. Use the sequence of family surrogate authority indicated for Natural Death in the Absence of a Declaration.

B. Use family surrogates who have the best knowledge of the resident's own values and preferences.

C. Do whatever seems appropriate at the time.

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