Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy (Revised)

$30.00 | CE Hours:10.00 | Intermediate


CE Course Description

The fields of substance abuse treatment and family therapy share many common assumptions, approaches, and techniques, but differ in significant philosophical and practical ways that affect treatment approaches and goals.  This CE course explores the impact of substance abuse on families; discusses approaches to therapy in both substance abuse treatment and family therapy; presents a discussion of integrated models for substance abuse treatment and family therapy; provides background information about substance abuse treatment for various populations and applications to family therapy for each population; and presents information about the importance of improving services to families and some policy implications to consider for effectively joining family therapy and substance abuse treatment.

Article Author:  Edward Kaufman, M.D., et al.
Exam writer:  Patricia Hocking-Walker, M.S. (Psychology)

CE Course Objectives

1.  Enumerate goals of behavioral contracting therapy.

2.  Investigate the main purpose for family therapy in substance abuse treatment.

3.  Examine the type of sibling relationships that can protect adolescents against substance abuse.

4.  Elucidate the patterns of behavior that codependent people are thought to have.

5.  Identify the single most potent risk factor of future maladaption, predisposition to substance use, and psychological difficulties.

6.  Describe practical advantages of the integrated models for the treatment providers.

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