Administrators - Addressing the Needs of Women in Treatment

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CEU Course Description

This course addresses the following aspects with regard to the specific needs of women in substance abuse treatment: women’s patterns of substance use across a continuum from initiation of use through recovery; the physiological effects of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco on women; specific screening, assessment, and treatment engagement, placement, and planning processes that support the unique constellation of women’s issues; women’s prevention issues and treatment needs across specific population groups and treatment settings; current knowledge, including science-based and best practices, to best address the biopsychosocial factors that influence treatment engagement, retention, and outcomes among women; and administrative considerations to support gender-responsive treatment for women.

Course Objectives

1. Discuss how women’s experiences as well as their unique biopsychosocial and cultural needs must be considered in substance abuse treatment.

2. Summarize various gender-responsive treatment principles associated with women in general and specifically with women who have substance use disorders.

3. Review the physiological effects of substances on women as well as use patterns that are specific to them.

4. Differentiate between interpersonal, intrapersonal, structural, sociocultural, and systemic barriers to treatment for women.

5. Identify services needed in women’s substance abuse treatment, characteristics of effective programs, and program development considerations for specific populations.


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