LEP Guide for Improving Patient Safety

$15.00 | CE Hours:5.00 | Intermediate

This course is approved for Nurses in Florida for Medical Errors credit.

CEU Course Description

This course focuses on how hospital leaders and other hospital staff can better identify, report, monitor, and prevent medical errors in patients with limited English proficiency.  In addition, a training module that teaches a set of team behaviors and structured communication tools designed to reduce medical errors for LEP patients is included.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Discuss liability exposures when providing care to LEP populations.

2.  Enumerate the quality and cost driven reasons for support of work in patient safety for LEP patients.

3.  Explain an immediate strategy that can be implemented to prevent medical errors among LEP patients.

4.  Investigate the key recommendations to address high-risk scenarios and how each recommendation would prevent dangerous conditions.

5.  Examine what the Joint Commission standards require hospitals to do for LEP patients.

6.  Scrutinize what has been identified as causes of errors, or potential errors, for LEP and culturally diverse patients.

7.  Define the most important key condition for the predicted effectiveness of patient safety reporting systems.

8.  Elucidate dangers associated with using non-qualified interpreters, including family members, friends, or untrained staff and how this puts the patients and the care facility at risk.

9.  Identify what are considered high-risk clinical situations that need immediate attention to prevent adverse events among LEP patients.

10.  Describe the roles of the interpreter and at which steps the interpreter should be involved in the care process of LEP patients.

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