Improving Mental Health Services in Rural Long-Term Care

$3.00 | CE Hours:1.00 | Intermediate


CE Course Description

This CE course explores novel practices that hold promise for increasing the quality, quantity, and accessibility of mental health services in rural long-term care.  Also examined is how collaboration among rural health and human service providers and other stakeholders will be a key to success in building the capacity of rural health systems to deliver mental health services to long-term care recipients.

Article Author:  Jean A. Talbot, Ph.D., MPH and Andrew F. Coburn, Ph.D.
Exam writer:  Patricia Hocking-Walker, M.S. (Psychology)

CE Course Objectives

1.  Discuss the obstacles that impede access to mental health care for rural residents.

2.  Explain what provider sites must offer in order to qualify for participation in the National Health Service Corps program.

3.  Investigate the reason why independent practitioners and mental health provider organizations are reluctant to deliver off-site services.

4.  Identify the most common mental health condition among both nursing home residents and community-dwelling long-term care recipients.

5.  Describe the hinderances to conducting mental health interventions via videoconferencing in rural areas.

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