Depression In Mothers

$6.00 | CEU Hours:2.00 | Beginning

*This course is not approved for NBCC renewal. Please see our NBCC category of courses here.

CEU Course Description

This course delivers background information about depression and offers ideas that providers can use daily when helping mothers, and their families, who may be suffering from depression.  This course also includes useful resources and handouts for mothers with depression.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Discuss the signs of depression in mothers.

2.  Enumerate the ways to help improve a mother’s mood.

3.  Explain how a mother’s depression can cause problems for a baby’s development.

4.  Investigate the treatment methods that depression responds well to.

5.  Examine what should be done in an emergency situation.

6.  Identify the characteristics providers must have in order to have a strong referral system.

7.  Describe how home visiting programs and WIC support the mother’s and child’s mental, emotional, and physical health.

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