Biomarkers and Alzheimer's Science

$12.00 | CEU Hours:4.00 | Intermediate

*This course is not approved for NBCC renewal. Please see our NBCC category of courses here.

CEU Course Description

This course covers recent scientific research on Alzheimer's disease, including biomarkers that have been identified, modifiable and genetic risk factors, drug research, studies on the effects of different kinds of care, and discoveries from basic science research.

CEU Course Objectives

1. Learn what biomarkers have been identified and what this means for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

2. Know what research has shown are risk factors that can be modified, such as diet and physical activity.

3. Learn what genetic markers are associated with Alzheimer's and what this means for people who have those markers.

4. Be able to identify what drugs currently impact the progression of Alzheimer's, and what drugs are being tested for future use.

5. Know what forms of care for Alzheimer's patients research has shown work best in prolonging brain function.

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