Ethics for California Marriage and Family Therapists

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CE Course Description

The practice of marriage and family therapy and psychotherapy is both an art and a science.  Ethical behavior must satisfy not only the judgment of the individual marriage and family therapist, but also the judgment of his/her peers, based upon a set of recognized norms.  This CE course provides the ethical standards that are to be utilized as a guide for ethical behavior.

Author:  Code of Ethics.  (2011, June).  California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

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CE Course Objectives

1.  Name a situation in which marriage and family therapists should not maintain therapeutic relationships.

2.  Explain the reasoning behind why marriage and family therapists should avoid dual relationships with patients.

3.  Provide three behaviors involving supervisees that are considered unethical.

4.  Describe statements that are false, fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive.


CE Outline with Main Points

1.  The Standards

a.  Responsibility to Patients

b.  Confidentiality

c.  Professional Competence and Integrity

d.  Supervisor, Student, and Supervisee Responsibilities

e.  Responsibility to Colleagues

f.  Responsibility to Research Participants

g.  Responsibility to the Profession

h.  Responsibility to the Legal System

i.  Financial Arrangements

j.  Advertising

2.  The Procedures

a.  Scope of Authority of the Ethics Committee

b.  Membership and Meetings of The Committee

c.  Initiation of Complaints

d.  Initial Action by Executive Director

e.  Preliminary Determination by Chair of Ethics Committee with the Advice of Legal Counsel

f.  Investigation by Ethics Committee

g.  Action by the Ethics Committee

h.  Procedures for Hearings Before Board of Directors

i.  Resignations and Non-Renewals

j.  Records and Disclosure of Information



Not approved for Social Workers


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