MFT Ethics (California)

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CE Course Description

This short Ethics course is based upon the most recent Code of Ethics published by CAMFT (California Marriage and Family Therapists). CAMFT is currently revising it's code and this course will be updated when it has been released. The CE Course includes applicable California law which governs California Marriage and Family Therapists, Supervisors, Educators, Interns, Students & Trainees.

Author: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Board of EthicsThe Code of Ethics is copyrighted and has been reprinted with the permission of CAMFT. For more information regarding CAMFT, please log on to

CE Course Objectives

1.  Discuss the role of marriage and family therapists in advancing the welfare of families and individuals, in respecting their rights, and in ensuring their confidentiality.

2.  Identify the steps that marriage and family therapists take to maintain high standards of professional competence and integrity.

3.  Describe how marriage and family therapists make sure not to exploit the trust and dependency of students and supervisees and communicate with and about colleagues in a respectful and fair manner.

4 Summarize strategies that therapists use to maintain responsibility to research participants, the profession, and the legal system.

5 Evaluate the scope of authority of the ethics committee as well as procedures for investigating and acting on ethical complaints.


Not approved for Social Workers


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