Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice

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CE Course Description

Motivational interviewing allows the client to be in charge of determining the changes that need to take place in their life and provides a way of enabling the client to talk themselves into making such changes.  This CE course explores how motivational interviewing can be used by social workers and gives case examples illustrating the skills and techniques needed to be successful with clients.

Available in ebook, hardcover, and paperback.

Author:  Melinda Hohman, PhD, MSW.  (2016).  The Guilford Press.
(This course is NOT in any way endorsed or certified by the author of the book used for its creation)

CE Course Objectives

1.  Explain how to support clients with self-efficacy.

2.  Give two limitations of motivational interviewing.

3.  Consider which situation motivational interviewing should not be used.

4.  Determine one crucial behavior professionals should be cautious of when giving information.

5.  Describe the “spirit” of motivational interviewing.

CE Outline with Main Points

1.  Why Social Work and Motivational Interviewing?

a.  What is motivational interviewing?

b.  Why use motivational interviewing in social work practice?

c.  What are the limitations in the use of motivational interviewing?

2.  The Heart of Motivational Interviewing

a.  How was motivational interviewing developed?

b.  What exactly is involved with motivational interviewing?

c.  What makes motivational interviewing work?

3.  Motivational Interviewing and the Engagement and Assessment Process

a.  Elicitation from a client perspective

b.  Elicitation?  Well, maybe . . .

c.  The motivational interviewing "assessment sandwich"

d.  Elicitation in the engagement and assessment process: example and dialogue

4.  Supporting Self-Efficacy, or What If They Don't Think They Can Do It?

a.  Affirmations revisited

b.  Sources of self-efficacy

c.  When confidence is very low

d.  Example and dialogue

5.  Expressing Empathy: Communicating Understanding (Even When It's Hard)

a.  Defining empathy

b.  Empathy as a process

c.  But it can be so hard at times . . .

d.  Motivational interviewing in CPS work

e.  Medical neglect: example and dialogue

6.  Developing Discrepancy: Using Motivational Interviewing in a Group Setting to Increase Ambivalence

a.  Why change talk is "gold"

b.  Strategic use of methods to encourage or elicit change talk

c.  Motivational interviewing in group settings

d.  Developing discrepancy in a group setting: example and dialogue

7.  Rolling with Resistance: Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents, or "You Can't Make Me"

a.  Rolling with resistance strategies

b.  Motivational interviewing and adolescents

c.  Motivational interviewing with adolescents: example and dialogue

8.  Building Collaboration: Motivational Interviewing in Community Organization Work

a.  Motivational interviewing and consensus organizing

b.  Consensus organizing: example and dialogue

9.  Integrating Motivational Interviewing into Social Work Practice

a.  What is involved in learning motivational interviewing?

b.  What the training studies tell us

c.  Developing a learning and integration plan

d.  Experiences from the field

10.  Lessons Learned from Training and Teaching Motivational Interviewing



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