Treating Eating, Weight and Body Image Issues

$45.00 | CE Hours:15.00 | Intermediate

Due to the age of the material, this course will be discontinued from our library on 1/25/2019.

CEU Course Description

Therapists and Counselors often encounter clients with mild to moderate eating and body image issues, less severe than anorexia, bulimia, or binge-eating disorder. They emerge as minor themes that lurk behind major presenting problems such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, and marital discord; and therapists who aren't looking for them may miss opportunities. This course is for practitioners who lack expertise in this area, and provides clinical strategies and therapeutic techniques to explore clients’ feelings about food and their bodies to get at the root of these issues.

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CEU Course Objectives

1. Describe how food disturbances intrude into clients' lives as well as the health and medical problems associated with poor nourishment and being over- or underweight.

2. Evaluate the historical and cultural stereotypes related to weight and food or body image, and how clients with eating problems perceive themselves and how others may see them.

3. Review how biochemical imbalances lead to eating and weight problems and correlate with mood or impulse disorders.

4. Identify how personality, family dynamics, clinical disorders, life-cycle issues, and sexual abuse and trauma impact food and weight issues.

5. Define strategies for becoming healthy and fit and the numerous ways that clinicians may address food and body issues as part of treatment strategies.

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