Telehealth Challenges and Opportunities

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CEU Course Description

Bridging the gap between rural and urban behavioral health services involves addressing many complex barriers and developing creative solutions to complex challenges that are often unique to rural areas.  This CEU course looks at common acceptability, availability, and accessibility barriers to mental and substance use disorder treatment and services in rural communities and presents ways telehealth can help surmount some of these barriers.

Author:  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  (2016).  Rural Behavioral Health: Telehealth Challenges and Opportunities.  In Brief, Volume 9, Issue 2.

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CEU Course Objectives

1.  Describe how technology can facilitate the delivery of behavioral health services to people in rural areas.

2.  List three major acceptability barriers facing individuals living in rural locations.

3.  Define telehealth.

4.  Identify challenges specific to telehealth.


CEU Outline with Main Points

1.  Acceptability Barriers

a.  Lack of privacy

b.  Lack of culturally appropriate treatment

2.  Addressing Acceptability Barriers

3.  Availability Barriers

a.  Lack of services

b.  Lack of practitioners

c.  Lower use of EBPs

4.  Addressing Availability Barriers

5.  Accessibility Barriers

6.  Addressing Accessibility Barriers

7.  Challenges to Implementing Telehealth Services

a.  Challenges facing providers

b.  Challenges facing rural clients

c.  Challenges facing facilities



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