Sexual Violence: Strengthening the Medico-Legal Response

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CEU Course Description

Medico-legal evidence is at the intersection of medical and justice processes.  This CEU course addresses key knowledge gaps within and between sectors, to help support service provision and coordination in low-resource settings.

Author:  United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.  (2015).  Strengthening the Medico-Legal Response to Sexual Violence.  United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

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CEU Course Objectives

1.  Analyze why documenting an individual’s account of sexual violence is an important component of the medico-legal process.

2.  Explain the knowledge that all of those working in the medico-legal system should possess.

3.  Conclude the role of the healthcare worker during the forensic medical exam.

4.  Describe what a survivor-centered approach means.


CEU Outline with Main Points

1.  Facts about sexual violence

2.  Coordination and cooperation

3.  Key stakeholders

4.  Ethics

5.  Competencies

6.  Support and protection for victims

7.  Preparing to gather the story

8.  Documenting the story and responses

9.  Elements of the initial investigation

10.  Minimum requirements for the health facility

11.  Managing the health issues

12.  The forensic medical examination

13.  Medico-legal evidence in sexual violence

14.  Forensic specimens



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