Courtrooms for Children and Adolescents

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CEU Course Description

This CEU course outlines how to create child and adolescent fair courtrooms and addresses issues such as: who would be a good support person for a young child who has to testify; are therapy animals allowed as comfort items for a child who is afraid of testifying in court; can a courtroom set-up be physically altered; how to make the oath more meaningful for the children who testify; can the judge order the attorneys to speak and behave in a certain way around children; and how to help a child that is experiencing difficulty in the courtroom.

Author:  Phillips, A. and Walters, S.  (2013, May).  A Courtroom for All: Creating Child- and Adolescent-Fair Courtrooms.  Gundersen Health System, National Child Protection Training Center, National District Attorneys Association.

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CEU Course Objectives

1.  Conclude what the strongest predictor of a child’s attitude towards the court process is related to.

2.  Explain three important aspects of court school for children.

3.  Evaluate the pre-trial motions regarding attorney conduct that can be addressed.

4.  Summarize the options to consider if the child witness is terrified to look at his or her abuser or testify in the same room.

5.  Identify the most important thing for the victim advocate to talk with the child about, and should be stressed above all other concepts.


CEU Outline with Main Points

1.  What Children and Adolescents Understand About Court

2.  Court Preparation Tools and Schools

3.  Courtroom Logistics

4.  Support Person

5.  Non-Supportive Family

6.  Confort Item

7.  Animal Advocates in Court

8.  Child Fair Oath

9.  Testimonial Aids

10.  Attorney Conduct

11.  Child-Fair Hours and Breaks

12.  Shielded or Closed-Circuit Television Testimony

13.  Courtroom Closed to Public

14.  Adolescent-Fair Courtrooms

15.  Considering Culture in Courtrooms

16.  Defendants Acting as Their Own Attorney

17.  When Things Go Wrong: Help on the Witness Stand



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