Child Welfare and Human Trafficking

$3.00 | CEU Hours:1.00 | Beginning

This course is NOT approved in Florida for Human Trafficking credit.

This course is not approved by NBCC for NCC certification renewal. To renew your NCC certification, view our list of NBCC specific approved courses.


CEU Course Description

Often, the lack of stability in a child’s living situation, physical distance from friends and family, and emotional vulnerability put them at risk for traffickers who are actively seeking children and teens to exploit.  This CEU course provides a broad overview of the crossover between the child welfare field and the work currently being done to prevent and respond to human trafficking of children and youth in the United States.

Article Author:  Child Welfare Information Gateway; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Exam writer:  Patricia Hocking-Walker, M.S. (Psychology)

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Enumerate the needs of victims of trafficking.

2.  Explain who is considered a victim of sex trafficking.

3.  Investigate what needs to be demonstrated in order to prove labor trafficking of a child.

4.  Elucidate how children and youth who are victims of trafficking can often be distinguished from other children who receive child welfare services.

5.  Identify signs that a child or teen is a victim of sex trafficking.

6.  Describe what makes children and youth in out-of-home care at particularly high risk of being trafficked.

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