New! Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: Treatment Guidelines

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CE Course Description

Healing to Wellness Courts are special dockets within the overall tribal court case process.  Special procedures need to be instituted to identify eligible participants as soon as possible after their arrest or triggering event, and develop an appropriate plan for their treatment and other services.  This CE course provides the program elements that need to be incorporated in a Wellness Court program along with their application to treatment.

Author:  Panasiewics, M., Panasiewics, R., and van Schilfgaarde, L.  (2017, November).  Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts: Treatment Guidelines (2nd Edition).  Tribal Law and Policy Institute, West Hollywood, California.

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CE Course Objectives

1.  Conclude how long it takes to rewire the neuro-chemical changes in the brain that result from alcohol and other drug abuse.

2.  Distinguish between substance abusers and addicts.

3.  Explain why most people begin to use alcohol and other drugs.

4.  Identify the primary barrier for most Wellness Court participants.

5.  List three things that the first phase of Wellness Court should primarily focus on.

6.  Provide three ways in which Healing to Wellness Court dockets differ from the tribal court process.

CE Outline with Main Points

1.  Introduction

a.  Healing to Wellness Courts: An Overview

b.  The Healing to Wellness Court: Principal Program Elements

c.  The Healing to Wellness Court Team

2.  Key Issues in Developing Treatment

a.  Understanding Why People Use Alcohol and Other Drugs

b.  The Stages of Use, Abuse, and Dependency Overview

c.  The Pharmacology of Addiction

3.  Developing a Wellness Court Treatment Program

a.  Importance of a Holistic Approach

b.  Using Tribal Healing Practices as the Foundation

c.  Special Issues Relating to Adult versus Juvenile Wellness Courts

4.  Adapting State Drug Court Treatment Components

a.  Evidence-Based Practices Applicable to Drug Courts

b.  Screening for Eligibility

c.  Clinical Assessment

d.  Intake and Treatment Planning

e.  Phased Treatment Plan Framework

f.  The Treatment Plan: Basic Components

g.  Confidentiality and Communication

h.  Medication-Assisted Treatment

i.  Drug Testing

j.  Incentives and Sanctions

5.  Special Considerations for Treatment Services

a.  Engaging the Family

b.  Gender-Specific Services

c.  Cultural Competency

d.  Culturally-Based Treatment

e.  Treating Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

f.  Trauma-Informed Services

6.  Aftercare

a.  Aftercare Plans

b.  Alumni Groups

c.  Relapse Prevention

7.  Looking Ahead



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