Vietnam Veterans and PTSD

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CE Course Description

Considering that Vietnam Veterans constitute the largest living cohort of United States Veterans and are the modal users of US Department of Veterans Affairs services, understanding how the Vietnam Veteran generation is faring today in terms of behavioral, physical, and social health is a critical undertaking.  This CE course provides a guide to the most recently published literature on well-designed epidemiological studies that focus on Vietnam Veterans’ health and well-being, including mental/behavioral and physical health outcomes among women and men and special populations (e.g., prisoners of war) who served in the war.

Author:  Corry, N., Kulka, R., Fairbank, J., and Schlenger, W.  Forty Years After the War: How are Vietnam Veterans Doing Today?  (2016).  National Center for PTSD.  PTSD Research Quarterly, Vol 27, No 1.

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CE Course Objectives

1.  List three factors that predicted a more chronic course for PTSD symptoms.

2.  Provide the fatal disease that nurses in the Vietnam cohort had an almost 5-fold higher risk of developing.

3.  Summarize the physiological health outcomes for those with Agent Orange exposure.

CE Outline with Main Points

1.  Population-Based Cohort Studies

a.  American Legion Vietnam Veterans Longitudinal Study

b.  National Survey of Veterans

c.  National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment / Longitudinal Study

d.  Vietnam Era Twin Registry

e.  Health of Vietnam Era Veteran Women’s Study

f.  Australian Vietnam Veterans Health Studies

2.  Chemical Exposure

a.  Reproductive outcomes

b.  Morbidity

c.  Mortality

3.  Repatriated Prisoners Of War



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