Eating Hints: Before, During, After Cancer

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CE Course Description

People with cancer often need to follow diets that are different from what you think of as healthy.  This CE course describes common types of eating problems, along with ways to manage them.

Author:  National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health.  (2018, January).  Eating Hints: Before, during, and after Cancer Treatment.  NIH Publication No. 18-7157.

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CE Course Objectives

1.  Compare and contrast the five different types of cancer treatments and list out the eating problems that may be caused by each.

2.  Conclude what someone should do if they have a metal taste in their mouth.

3.  Determine what a person should eat if they are having nausea in the morning.

4.  List five dietary behaviors that a person undergoing cancer treatment should not do.

5.  Name three benefits of eating a healthy diet and maintaining weight before treatment.

CE Outline with Main Points

1.  What You Should Know about Cancer Treatment, Eating Well, and Eating Problems

2.  Feelings Can Affect Your Appetite

3.  List of Eating Problems

a.  Appetite Loss

b.  Constipation

c.  Diarrhea

d.  Dry Mouth

e.  Lactose Intolerance

f.  Nausea

g.  Sore Mouth (Mucositis)

h.  Sore Throat and Trouble Swallowing (Esophagitis)

i.  Taste or Smell Changes

j.  Vomiting

k.  Weight Gain

l.  Weight Loss

4.  After Cancer Treatment

5.  Eating Problems that May Be Caused by Certain Cancer Treatments

6.  Lists of Foods and Drinks

7.  Recipes



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