Incentive CEU Discount Plans



What is an Incentive CEU Discount Plan?

Are you looking for a way to incentivize attendance by licensed professionals to an event your organization is sponsoring?  Free CEU hours are an EXCELLENT way to accomplish this.  You purchase the discount CEU hours plan and we break down the hours for you.

For example: the 1000 Online CEU Hours plan can be broken down to 200, 5 CEU hour encoded voucher cards.  The 2500 Online CEU Hours plan can be broken down to 250, 10 CEU hour voucher cards.  Just indicate the CEU hours you want to gift each attendee and the appropriate number of voucher cards will be dispatched to your company contact person.

As a bonus, we will direct each of your attendees to a free 2 CEU hour course on our web site, making each voucher card you give away worth its face value PLUS 2 HOURS!

See our helpful How To Video here or read our written instructions below:

Sponsoring Company Instructions:

Step 1: Your Company designates a company contact person

Step 2:  The company contact person purchases an Incentive Discount Plan above.  FIRST click the drop down menu above the green ‘buy now’ button and select the number of voucher cards and corresponding number of gifted CEU hours.  NEXT click the green ‘buy now’ link, which will prompt the company contact person to register for an account. Register by clicking the green 'Continue' link in the lower right hand corner.  Select 'Company' from the drop down menu to the right of 'Account Type' on the account creation page and fill in the requested fields.  

Note: If our pre-programmed CEU hour options do not meet your needs, contact us at: 877-665-3311. Any quantity of CEU Hours can be accommodated. 

Step 3:  The company contact person will receive a shipment of encoded voucher cards from San Luis Print & Copy within 10 business days.  These cards can be dispatched directly to the sponsored professional at the event.  The cards will contain a redemption code along with the web page on our site where the code may be entered:  Each participant will also be eligible for the bonus free 2 CEU hour course:

Note: The cards may be embossed with YOUR COMPANY INFORMATION as well.  To learn more contact us at: 877-665-3311.

Sponsored Professional Registration:

Step 1: Upon receipt of the voucher card, the sponsored professional may access the web page on the voucher card and enter the personalized voucher code:

Step 2: Once the code is entered, the sponsored professional will be prompted to register for an ‘individual’ account and the account will be credited with the rewards CEU hours.

Step 3: The sponsored professional will be free to test and receive certificates, at no charge, for any online course(s) totaling the number of CEU rewards hours.  

Step 4: The sponsored professional may also access the web page on the voucher card for the bonus free 2 CEU hour course:

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