Substance Abuse Counselor Competencies (TAP 21)

$18.00 | CEU Hours:6

This course will be discontinued on June 17, 2016 due to the age of the material. An updated version of this course is now available at:  Substance Abuse Counselor Competencies (Updated).

This course is not approved for NBCC credit. Click here for Courses offering NBCC credit

(TAP 21) (includes 3 hours of Ethics)

CE Course Description

Provides guidance for the professional treatment of substance use disorders. Provides the context for identifying the competencies that are necessary for effective functioning in the addictive counselor role, as well as the professional and ethical behavioral standards of conduct. This course is now a requirement in the state of California for initial certification of alcohol and drug counselors.

CE Course Objectives

1.  Gain an integrated perspective of the knowledge and attitudes that underlie competent addictions treatment practice

2.  Describe the eight Practice Dimensions that determine a counselor's effectiveness

3.  Explain the specific elements that are encompassed by the eight practice dimensions

4.  Gain a knowledge of the professional and ethical behavioral standards of conduct for an addictions counselor

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