Somatic Experiencing: Using Interoception and Proprioception as Core Elements of Trauma Therapy

$6.00 | CEU Hours:2.00 | Advanced

*This course is not approved for NBCC renewal. Please see our NBCC category of courses here.


CE Course Description

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a novel form of therapy that focuses on resolving the symptoms of chronic stress and post-traumatic stress.  This advanced CE course demonstrates how the methods of SE help restore functionality to the core response network and provides a possible neurophysiological rationale for the mechanisms involved.

Article Author:  Mardi Crane-Godreau, Ph.D., et al.
Exam writer:  Patricia Hocking-Walker, M.S. (Psychology)

CE Course Objectives

1.  Enumerate key elements of SE.

2.  Explain how SE defines “pendulation.”

3.  Investigate what trembling or shivering is a sign of from an SE point of view.

4.  Examine the systems that form the core response network.

5.  Scrutinize how the “mindful” aspects of SE may facilitate spontaneous self-regulation.

6.  Describe why, for the mental health professional, using the phrase “I imagine . . .” is important when describing observations of the patient’s inner state.

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